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Lionheart Education, Blythe Hall, 100 Blythe Road, London W14 0HB

Our office in West Kensington is home to our Education Consultancy, Tuition Agency and our bespoke school, LSL. Please feel free to pop in to discuss your requirements over a cup of tea or coffee.

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Over 30 years of educational excellence

We inspire excellence & achieve results

We provide completely tailored educational advice and support to children and young people.


We have been providing extensive educational support for over thirty years, from tutoring to bespoke schooling to revision courses, educational consultancy and advice.

During this time, we have built a reputation for excellence based upon outstanding results. Some of the world’s most prominent and influential families have retained our services because of our highly tailored approach, our brilliant team of tutors and our relentless commitment to children and young people.


A relentless commitment to the success of children and young people

We aim to make learning as easy and interesting as possible, to give your child the confidence to ask questions, and ultimately, to succeed. We do this through working with brilliant, highly-qualified and knowledgeable tutors with whom children can identify, and consultants who can guide your child through the most complex of educational issues.


A truly unique approach that offers a flexible alternative to a traditional school environment

Lionheart School in West London provides completely tailored, one-to- one schooling to a very limited number of students. All schemes of work are carefully managed to ensure curriculum goals are met whilst maintaining a caring atmosphere and family ethos. This bespoke approach ensures that every child has the very best chances of success.

Our school also runs fully bespoke one-to-one revision courses, and hosts private examination candidates at its exam centre if space permits.

Jeremie has called me to say his government politics teacher was the best on the planet. Naturally I extend our thanks for whatever it is that caused that reaction.

Saya C., Parent of a Lionheart Tutee

Thank you for organising Andreas’ tutor! Chris was great and I have a son who now thinks maths is absolutely brilliant, having thought trigonometry was a real pain…!

Harriet C., Parent of a Lionheart Tutee

Harry was v pleased, liked Matt a lot and found it very useful. Thank you for all your help, very much appreciated.

James C-W., parent of a Lionheart tutee

Elias has been able to tutor my son in person. Thanks to him. My son is very happy working with him. Elias works very professionally. He is also very knowledgeable and supportive. I think my son is very lucky to have him as his tutor.

Uthairat T., parent of a Lionheart tutee


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