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Lionheart Education, Blythe Hall, 100 Blythe Road, London W14 0HB

Our office in West Kensington is home to our Education Consultancy, Tuition Agency and our bespoke school, LSL. Please feel free to pop in to discuss your requirements over a cup of tea or coffee.

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Bespoke Full and Part Time Education

Lionheart School London

About LSL

Completely bespoke schooling

LSL provides completely bespoke full time and part time education. We are a small and specialised one-to-one school focused on educational transitions and onward placements into boarding and day schools, sixth form colleges and universities. As a result of our individualised approach, we are often able to take students at very short notice at any point in the academic year.

We have extensive experience in helping young people with learning difficulties, and students encountering other issues in their academic lives. Within our small but dynamic environment, highly-experienced tutors work closely with a range of advisers in implementing a broad range of educational strategies. All schemes of work are carefully managed to ensure curriculum goals are met, whilst maintaining a caring atmosphere and family ethos.

Unlike larger institutions, we are able to precisely reproduce each child's current portfolio of subjects at any level and across all major UK examination boards, with no disruption to his or her educational goals.

The highly intensive nature of tuition at LSL means that children who have not thrived in other schools can show rapid improvement and attain unexpected and lasting results. Supported by our in-house educational consulting service, families can be assured that the next educational step is thoroughly researched and is absolutely right for the individual student.

Lionheart School London's 2024/25 Term Dates

LSL Areas of Expertise

We can help with the following:

Common Entrance, 11+, 13+

Scholarship Entry Preparation

GCSEs and iGCSEs

AS and A Levels

UCAS Advice and Applications

International Baccalaureate

Preparing International Students

Registered Examination Centre

Examination Retake Programmes

Careers Advice


Learning Difficulty Support

Holiday Revision Courses

Managed Home Schooling

Personal Mentoring

Our goal is to move students into the optimal school or university as soon as they are ready.

This can happen at any point, meaning that places at our school become available throughout the academic year.

We base our entry decisions on how efficiently and effectively we feel that we can help the student. The assessments we use to ascertain this vary from child to child. All prospective students are interviewed with their parents. Many undergo a WISC IV (junior) assessment to help us to build a picture of how each child learns to enable us to gain a deeper understanding of their achievements, difficulties and potential.

We are aware that many of our students come to us at a point where their confidence is low, and we are sensitive to the detrimental effect that formal assessments can have on children in certain circumstances. We have therefore developed subtle methods over the years to assess each child to help us develop the perfect programme.

Our school and university placement consultancy has been operating for over 25 years.

Over that time, we have built relationships based on trust with a wide range of schools. We are able to approach them with students who may not have had a smooth educational record thus far.

This process is absolutely central to what we do at LSL. It is our job to identify the best school for your child, taking account of your preferences as a family, and the feedback from our in-house tutors. We will liaise with Admissions staff at your school of choice and gain a successful placement for your child.

A Typical Day at LSL

What our students should expect


Our in-house chef serves a delicious breakfast for all the students to prepare them for the day ahead. The breakfast menu changes every day.

9.30AM – 12.50PM

This time is divided into three one-hour lessons with breaks. They are multisensory, interactive, fun and move precisely at the pace of the individual student at that time and on that day. Due to this, the speed of progress can be astonishing.

12.50PM – 1.50PM

Lunch. This is a choice of freshly prepared dishes utilising the highest quality organic ingredients. The chef consults with the students to include their favourite dishes in the weekly menu whilst maintaining a balanced and nutritional diet.

1.50PM – 4.00PM

Lessons and private study sessions continue into the afternoon.


LSL remains open into the evening for further lessons and private study sessions if needed and to allow the students to complete their homework in school, leaving their evenings free to relax at home and prepare for the following day.

Dietary Requirements

The students eat together and we cater for special dietary requirements as much as possible. If you have any allergies, please always enquire about the ingredients used. Please be aware that we have a small kitchen and that our food may contain or come into contact with common allergens, such as dairy, eggs, wheat, soybeans, tree nuts, peanuts, fish, shellfish or wheat.


Intensive and focused work

This will probably be the hardest your child will ever be required to work. The one-to-one lesson format ensures we keep the focus and attention of your child. We know this is intensive and exhausting and so we ensure the majority of studying is done within the school. All students complete their homework in school whilst being supervised by the Curriculum Manager.

We place great emphasis on the importance of reading at home and strongly believe that encouraging this allows a child to take their first steps into independent learning. We ask that parents support our one book a week policy and encourage their children to take the time to enjoy literature.

Revision courses

Bespoke and highly efficient courses

We offer intensive academic courses during school holidays at our school (or online). All of our courses are completely bespoke and designed to be highly efficient.

We analyse school reports and previous grades to ensure that each programme is designed to effectively target any areas of weakness.

Students work with a variety of subject specialists throughout the courses and timetables can be adapted if particular problem areas are identified during teaching. We also allocate time every day around mealtimes for intelligent debate with other pupils and teachers.

Our courses aim to improve confidence and empower students to succeed.
Whilst some students come to us with gaps in subject knowledge and understanding, others have problems with exam technique or short term memory. Whatever their needs may be, we ensure every student leaves our course more confident and more able.

Please email our Client Manager Team requesting a place and a student revision booking form at

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