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Our office in West Kensington is home to our Education Consultancy, Tuition Agency and our bespoke school, LSL. Please feel free to pop in to discuss your requirements over a cup of tea or coffee.

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Providing a full educational consultancy

Our Approach

Completely tailored advice

At the root of the success of our educational consultancy are experience and trust. Our consultants have developed excellent relationships with the top educational establishments in the country over the course of many years, and have extensive expertise in school placements as well as UK and US university applications. We take a highly individualised and discreet approach, to provide you with advice that is best tailored to your needs.

School Placement

Deciding which school is right

Our consultants have developed excellent relationships with the country’s best schools and universities. We understand the subtle nuances that make one school perfect for a particular child and another inappropriate. Traditional approaches to educational advice tend not to focus on the child’s perspective. For us, meeting and assessing the student is at the very core of the process.

Having visited hundreds of schools around the country, we have defined a broad selection of preparatory and senior schools, which offer excellence in a variety of ways. Alongside the more traditional choices such as Eton, St. Paul’s and Wycombe Abbey, we are able to recommend and make introductions at smaller schools, which offer an outstanding education for particular types of children. Some have extraordinary art departments or sports facilities. Others may cater brilliantly for children with Special Educational Needs or have an excellent track record at preparing students for specific universities such as Oxford and Cambridge. We are able to offer all the information that league tables fail to deliver and tailor our advice specifically for your child following an in-depth assessment and discussion. That is why clients say we are outstanding at placing their children in the right school.

Ensuring your child gets a place

Gaining access to the upper echelons of the British independent education system is a competitive, complex and challenging process. We have worked hard to establish relationships with schools based on trust. Our approach is targeted, effective and entirely results driven.

We use a combination of contacts, experience and consistent data analysis to ensure that each child is fully prepared for whichever entrance procedure they are about to embark on. We carry out formal assessments where required and extensive exam and interview preparation.

Choosing a school is one of the most important decisions you will make for your child. Get it right and you will have a happy, confident and fulfilled young person. Get it wrong and in some cases the reverse can be true.

Rupert Syme, Chairman and Head of Consultancy.

International Students

The British independent school system is considered by many to be the best in the world. It is therefore unsurprising that the number of international students coming to the UK continues to grow every year. Having been at the forefront of this growth, we have placed hundreds of overseas students in the very best schools in the country.

Our consultants ensure that the process is undertaken with a results centric focus, whilst also ensuring that the child’s specific personality and preferences are listened to and acknowledged. We prepare students thoroughly for entrance examinations and interviews, tailoring our advice to specific schools and situations.


For international students based abroad, deciding on a British university can be an overwhelming experience. Following initial consultations we offer packages that can include personal tours at each shortlisted university together with meetings with course admissions tutors and current students. We also organise travel and accommodation where necessary, as well as extensive discussions with the consultants in order to decide upon university choices. This ensures that each client’s university application is of the highest possible standard

We also offer a range of services which aim to help our international students settle into their new environment successfully. Lionheart are able to provide host families, mentors and help source accommodation.

Crisis Management

Discreet, caring and effective advice

We specialise in discreet, caring and effective crisis management. In our experience, a perceived crisis can often be an excellent point to turn a life around and find talent that is often unseen or unexplored. Whether this involves finding a suitable school place in the middle of term or creating a personalised programme in conjunction with our team of leading educational experts, we are equipped to deal with any crisis.

Lionheart are uniquely placed to offer resources from our own school, LSL, whilst a crisis is ongoing. This means that unlike other consultancies, we can ensure that a child is able to continue their education whilst working on a long term solution.

Higher Education

Helping you choose the right university

Choosing the right university is one of the most important decisions a young person will ever make. It is a process that involves a myriad of choices, risks and unknowns. These are serious decisions, which impact greatly on your child’s future. This process is often adversely affected by exam pressure and a lack of individualised advice. Matching a student to a university is not simply a process of matching grades to league tables. It involves a host of complex variables that many schools do not have the time or resources to fully consider.

Our process begins with a detailed analysis of each student that takes into account every detail including interests, achievement and personalities. We take our clients to visit universities individually, setting up meetings with academic staff and current students who will be able to give a real insight into the experience. We consider accommodation, security and transport. We will manage the process of your child's detailed and thorough preparation for meetings with any admissions tutors, which can be helpful in the application process.

Throughout the process, our consultants gather information and are constantly looking for ways to help a student stand out from the crowd. We will advise on areas that need improvement and set up relevant work experience where necessary. We ensure that each student’s application showcases the most interesting, special and surprising aspects of their personalities and achievements to ensure that their chances of success are maximised.

Gaining a place at Oxford or Cambridge is the pinnacle of many students’ educational ambitions. We have extensive experience in making this ambition a reality using a highly effective and organised system designed to ensure that each stage of the application process is completed with the utmost thought, effort and tactical acumen.

All of our Oxbridge consultants are Oxford and Cambridge graduates with extensive experience in the application process. From choosing the right college to rigorous interview training, we know the system and we get results.

With over 50,000 degree courses on offer at more than 150 British universities, students benefit greatly from advice and guidance with their UCAS application process.

Students can only apply to five courses / universities and should select wisely based on a number of factors. Our expert consultants provide experienced advice on which degree courses are most suitable.

Our higher education consultant provides expert advice and assistance to students on all aspects of the application process. We also advise students on how to write effective personal statements and how to prepare for any entrance tests such as the LNAT (Law), BMAT / UKCAT (Medicine), TSA (Thinking Skills Assessment), STEP / MAT (Mathematics), PAT (Physics) which are required by leading universities and medical schools.

Studying in the US

Navigating the US College applications system

The process of applying to American universities is both demanding and highly time consuming. Whilst students within the USA have the year following their SATs to focus on these applications, British applicants often find themselves attempting to study for A Levels, complete UCAS forms and write US college essays all at the same time. The workload and level of stress involved in this approach can often lead to exam results suffering, which we believe must be avoided at all costs.

Our successful US College Applications System combine the personal approach of our UK based experts with the immense experience of our US college placement partners. From data analysis to essay writing advice, we aim to reduce the amount of time and stress involved in US applications to an absolute minimum, whilst ensuring the best possible results.


Before setting up an appointment with one of our consultants, we need to understand your needs better. Please submit an enquiry, providing as much information as possible.